In 1877 parimutuel making a bet had a feeble trial at Morris and Jerome Parks in New

York, however the bookmakers soon killed it. They continued to monopolize race tune betting till 1908 while parimutuel making a bet secured a foothold on this u . S . A . Entirely by means of twist of fate. The newly appointed Sheriff Scott Bullitt of Louisville, Kentucky, charged that bookmaking was a contravention of the regulation and that it’d now not be tolerated in Jefferson County wherein Churchill Downs become located. Mayor Grinstead of Louisville, a violent foe of race music playing, upheld the Sheriff by using threatening to send metropolis police to the music to enforce the edict. It become a blow to Colonel Matt J. Winn, director of Churchill Downs, because it meant no sales from betting on the Kentucky Derby; however Mayor Grinstead and Sheriff Bullitt had met their in shape. Colonel Winn tested the nearby statutes and determined that, although gambling was prohibited, parimutuel making a bet changed into now not. As a result, on Kentucky Derby Day parimutuel having a bet was carried out on a large scale for the first time in the United States.

Colonel Winn’s test changed into so popular that the Maryland Jockey Club at Pimlico attempted the parimutuel device the next year side through facet with the ordinary bookmakers working on the music. So a success become it that different racing associations commenced to undertake the machine. Visit :- พนันบอลที่ดีที่สุด

Under the dominance of bookmakers, a lot of whom were either unscrupulous or downright dishonest, racing had reached such a low property that its eventual dying regarded to be in sight. Holiest men who appeared upon racing as a game and breeders who had been definitely interested in enhancing the breed hailed the parimutuel device as the savior of racing. They have become crusaders towards the bookmakers, using the parimutuel gadget as their sword of struggle.

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